Asser Yassin’s Bedoon Sabeq Enzar: First Episode Shocks Without Warnings

First impressions do last, even in the world of TV series, especially during Ramadan.

The first episode of a series is the opening act that sets the stage for everything yet to come. An ideal beginning is one that draws viewers in with just the right blend of intrigue, excitement, and suspense. In other words, it should keep viewers hooked and hungry for more.

That’s exactly what happened in Asser Yassin’s Bedoon Sabeq Enzar, one of the shows that joined the race Mid-Ramadan available on WatchIt and DMC. But why did it turn heads from the get-go?

Four Major Incidents, Including a Twist

The creators aren’t wasting any time; they’re diving right into the thick of things, surprising viewers with four main incidents that will undoubtedly pave the way for the upcoming episodes.

Right from the start, we see the backstory of how Maged and Layla, the leading couple, met (first surprise). Then, we’re introduced to them during a couples therapy session (second).

Just when you think that’s the extent of the narrative, a third more intense incident happens midway through the episode, followed by a jaw-dropping final revelation at the end.

Talk about twists and cliffhangers in the very first episode!

Quick Pace & Smooth Character Introductions

Four major incidents unraveling in the first episode signal a quick pace of events, avoiding unnecessary lingering on lengthy character introductions. We see how the couple met, their issues, their busy lives, and the intricacies of their family dynamics. 

All of this is masterfully woven together by the artistic eye of the renowned director Hany Khalifa, who promises real drama without any fluff.

Promising Performances

Asser Yassin portrays the workaholic, self-centered character, while Aicha Ben Ahmed embodies the traumatized yet ambitious wife, and Ahmed Khaled Saleh takes on the apparently passive role.

All three actors delivered promising performances in the first episode, with Ben Ahmed shining in master scenes, leaving us waiting for the heart-wrenching drama that lies ahead. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the cast has in store as well!

Grabbed Our Attention “Without Warning”

By the end of the first episode, you understand all the interconnections between the characters, preparing us for what seems to be an intense, emotion-filled story. 

We can say that Bedoon Sabeq Enzar has really grabbed our attention without any warning, pun intended.

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