The Hilarious Anticipation Of Yasmin Ezz’s Scream On Ramez Never End

With every Ramadan, Ramez Galal, the Egyptian actor and prankster goes all out with a full-fledged reality show devoted to pranking some of the biggest stars of the Arab world including football players and actors. This year, he’s upping the stakes with his latest show “Ramez Never End” were guests will dine on a floating restaurant remote controlled by Galal. Get ready for a whole lot of screams as guests will be flipped and turned unexpectedly throughout the episode. When it comes to the show’s trailer, the moment it was out, everyone was buzzing especially when they found out that one of the guests is going to be the controversial talk show host Yasmin Ezz.

In her talk show, Ezz has been causing quite the stir as in every episode she would continuously call on women to accept violence and degradation at the hands of men. To her, men have to be obeyed and respected no matter the circumstance and so many have accused Ezz of inadvertently promoting violence against women. Seeing her in the trailer of the show, screaming her heart out has amused a lot of people across social media including Tiktok influencer Amina Hussein who went on to hilariously request that Galal leave no stone unturned when pranking Ezz and to make sure that there are “30 entire pranks devoted to Ezz alone” in that episode.


احلي خبر 😂😂💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻شكرا يا رامز🥹❤️😂#رامزجلال #رمضان

♬ original sound – Amina Hussein

Beyond Tiktok, on Twitter a lot of users tweeted their excitement especially one Twitter user who commented that Galal’s new show will be special this year because it will be the first time we will see Ezz riled up and scared. This is something very new as everyone is used to seeing Ezz calm and collected on her talk show and is a big reason behind the excitement over the upcoming episode. With all this hype, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when that episode actually airs during Ramadan.

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