Stories Post-Morocco’s Earthquake Aftershock

Last Friday, Morocco was struck with one of its strongest earthquakes. A 6.5 Richter that left at least 2,800 dead in addition to countless injured.

In the aftershock, more than 48 hours after the earthquake, rescuers are on the hunt to locate people under the rubble.

Between digging the alive and dead, thousands of residents were left starving, searching for food and water.


One of the stories from the earthquake was Khadija Fairouje which reflected how in just a matter of hours, life was altered forever.

Khadijha Fairouje wept following the loss of her daughter and three grandsons, aged 4 to 11. After their house had collapsed as they were asleep.

Fairouje’s sister went on to say, “Nothing’s left. Everything fell.”

The Fairouje family wasn’t the ones in distress as several other families faced turmoil. On the outskirts of Talat N’Yaaqoub, a kid was captured carrying his furniture amid an ocean of rubble.

In the wake of the devasting state, there are many ways you can help Morocco. Starting from contributing money to donating blood.

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