Rich Bake’s New Shami and Baladi Bread Should Be on Every Egyptian Family’s Grocery List

Like many populations in the Middle East, Egyptians incorporate bread in almost all their meals. Some of their dishes are even incomplete without bread. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, bread is an essential part of the meal. Rich Bake has always been offering its customers bread that stands out, with unparalleled quality and exceptional freshness. Now with their new logo and packaging, Rich Bake is giving us the same fresh and high quality bread, but with some new traits that make it even better!

Not only did they enhance the way it looks, but also the way it tastes. And since baladi and shami bread are essentials in every Egyptian household, their latest campaign has gone all for it. Rich Bake’s new shami bread is perfect for sandwiches as it is now softer and fluffier from the inside, while its baladi bread is now fresher and tastier, just like the bread we all grew up eating.


أول ما تبص على ريتش بيك، بتشوف إيه؟! علشان احنا العيش بالنسبه لنا حاجه كبيرة، عملنالك عيش ريتش بيك بأعلى جودةنفس الطعم اللي بتحبه دلوقتي بشكل جديد#عارفينك_و_خبزينك

Posted by Rich Bake on Friday, March 5, 2021

Like every Egyptian family, we use shami and baladi bread at home, in outings, in school lunches, for quick snacks, or even creative recipes and dishes. Shami and baladi bread are the core of every Egyptian meal, and with Rich Bake, they can always be used in cooking as well, because they’re as fresh and delicious as the bread we buy from our local bakeries, but with a plus; they’re way more convenient.

لأن العيش بالنسبة لنا حاجة كبيرة، ريتش بيك بيقدملك عيش بلدي وشامي بأعلى جودة بأحلى طعم#عارفينك_وخبزينك

Posted by Rich Bake on Monday, March 29, 2021

Last week, Rich Bake launched an innovative campaign with an interesting video about their rebranding, asking consumers to pick their favorite bread, shami or baladi. As part of their campaign, they created a digital hype through a competition featuring successful food bloggers using the bread in different recipes and asking people to join and do the same. Following which, each of these bloggers will then be choosing the participants with the most creative recipes to win gifts from Rich Bake, such as products, sandwich makers, and more. Starting with the award-winning Mohammed Hazem and the full-time foodie Ramy Soliman, the yummy recipes flooded our timelines making us want to try them and experiment with the newly developed shami and baladi bread.

Since its inception, Rich Bake revolutionized the way bread is made and consumed in Egypt. With its wide range of products and its unique quality, the brand has been expanding and growing ever since, becoming a vital part of every Egyptian family’s grocery list.

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