Reham Saeed Shames The Overweight In a New Video

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the controversial TV presenter Reham Saeed was at it again with a few statements that made quite the squabble online.

The video shows Saeed on her Al-Hayah late-night show “Sabaya” ranting about overweight individuals, pointing out that many of them are a burden on their families and on the state. She went on to say that they portray a bad image of society.

Social media went on a frenzy, with many calling for the boycott of her show. Saeed did not shame overweight people in general. In fact, she chose to narrow down her banter to obese women. She said that many overweight women lose their femininity and happiness, because of the toxins in their bodies. The majority of comments online found her remarks to be appalling, not to mention misogynistic.

ريهام سعيد ( المريضة حسب مااعلنت ) .. الناس التخينة ميتة عبء على اهلها وعلى الدولة !! الناس التخينة تشوه المنظر !! عندما يمارس التنمر من خلال اعلامية على شاشات الفضائيات .. رساله توضح الى اين وصل حال الاعلام ?

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Her comments reached another low when she explicitly said that men are not attracted to overweight women, and often they either leave their wives or break off their engagements. Saeed did not stop here, adding that only obese men will agree to marry overweight women; a generalization we found no evidence to support.

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