Reham Saeed Receives Backlash After Her Fox-Hunting Episode!

Once again Egyptian TV Host Reham Saeed receives major backlash following one of her episodes. The controversial episode aired last Wednesday on Reham Saeed’s TV program Sabaya El-Kheir, which focuses on social issues. The episode shows her on a hunting trip where she observes how foxes are being hunted and tied down to prevent any escape.

Animal rights activists were appalled by footage shared from the episode showing a group of hunters, alongside the show presenter, catching a small fox in a way they described as “merciless.” 

Following the episode, there was a huge backlash and harsh comments and criticism on all social media platforms, accusing Reham of torturing animals on her TV Show. A few hours later after the social media uproar, the TV Channel removed the episode that sparked the controversy.

This was the third episode of the returning show that premiered on Monday. Al-Nahar network, which includes the channel that broadcasts the show, apologized in an official statement on Thursday, saying it was aiming to shed light on animal hunting activity in Egypt to help export them.

Reham Saeed posted a 33-minutes video on her social media platforms explaining the situation and said that “I only covered a hunting trip in a sincere manner, I have nothing to do with the way foxes are hunted, a practice I oppose. I’m not responsible for the means hunters use to catch animals. Should I be blamed for uncovering something wrong.”

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