Following in the Footsteps of Architect Zaha Hadid, Aseel Alwan is a New Iraqi Icon

Despite the challenging circumstances that Iraq has been going through the past two decades, the people of Iraq wouldn’t allow the difficult times define them, and among those people is Iraqi architect, Aseel Alwan, who’s determined to follow her ambition and take steady steps to achieve her dreams no matter what.

Inspired by architecture Zaha Hadid, Alwan said in a statement that she’s very happy to graduate from Al-Aqeedah High School for Girls, the same school that the late internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid graduated from. She hopes to follow her path to achieve great success to raise the name of Iraq.

Graduated from the College of Engineering at the University of Baghdad, Alwan, couldn’t wait for the government’s employment, instead, she established an engineering office ‘Lamar Engineering Office’ in 2016 to showcase her designs. And although Alwan has shown her admiration for Zaha’s invention of deconstructive movement in architecture, however, she decided to follow a slightly different style, where she links modernity with history and heritage, “Neo-Classic” a very popular style in Iraq due to its unique aesthetics and low cost.

‘Lamar for Engineering’ is currently forming collaborations and partnerships with offices inside and outside of Iraq to expand and implement their unique interior and decorative designs for homes and villas.

Today, Alwan and her team are working to introduce Iraq’s heritage in a modern way by merging it with technology as well as heritage details with designs. Whether by using the Abbasid arches that date back to the Abbasid era or the yellow bricks for example.

We’re very proud to see inspiring people like Alwan, always bringing the best out of our community.

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