New Earthquake Strikes Turkey Two Weeks Following Initial Massive Quake

On Monday, a magnitude 6.3 aftershock struck Turkey’s Southern Hatay province, near the border of Syria, killing at least 3 people while injuring hundreds more. This came only two weeks after the bigger quake that killed thousands of people in both Turkey and Syria. Right now, hundreds of rescuers in Turkey are once again on the search for people who may be trapped under the resulting rubble. In the city of Antakya, a building that had originally survived the first quake ended up collapsing, trapping three men under a pile of rubble.

Via Today

In northwest Syria, more buildings collapsed injuring more than 130 people and more rescue groups are currently on ground including the White Helmets rescue group to transfer the injured to hospitals as well as remove rubble so that roads can be cleared out for ambulances.

With the previous earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude occuring just two weeks before, families and victims of the first quake were in shock by Monday’s tremors. “We went back to our house and this shock happened again and we went out… may God help us,” said Zahir to CNN.

When it comes the following few days, according to USGS aftershocks will be less frequent as the more time passes the fewer the aftershocks but both Syria and Turkey will remain in caution during the upcoming days.

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