How To Help Earthquake Victims in Turkey & Syria

Early Monday, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey and Syria, considered one of the strongest to hit the region in the last century. All across the Turkish-Syrian border, thousands of buildings were destroyed leaving behind masses of rubble. More than 3000 victims were killed while 11,000 more were injured during the massive quake. Amid severe aftershocks, thousands of first responders are currently on ground searching for people amid the rubble of collapsed buildings.

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What’s Currently Happening On-Ground?

International and regional aid is ongoing as rescue teams have already been sent out from countries like Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan dispatched search and rescue teams and plans to set up field hospitals in Turkey while also sending out urgent relief supplies to the hardest-hit areas in Syria. Qatar plans to set up field hospitals that will have relief tents and winter supplies as well as sending out supplies by air along with Kuwait.

How You Can Help

With multiple organizations on-ground responding to the crisis, you can help by donating to any organization of your choosing:

Turkish Red Crescent

With over 240 staff members and more than hundred volunteers on ground, the Turkish Red Crescent are currently providing mobile kitchen and catering services and will also be sending out blankets, tents and beds. They have also been sending out donated blood from their existing supplies to increase aid. To help out, you can donate to the Turkish Red Crescent using this link.

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Save the Children

Also currently on-ground at northwest Turkey and Syria and are planning to support the affected communities through emergency kits amid the harsh winter weather. You can help make a contribution by donating to their Children’s Emergency Fund using this link.

Syrian American Medical Society

The Syrian American Medical Society is a relief organization working on the front lines of the crisis. They are currently asking for donations to purchase trauma supplies. To donate you can head to this link.

Molham Volunteering Team

Across Instagram, the Molham Volunteering Team, an NGO founded by a group of Syrian university students, launched and shared their “Earthquake Response” Campaign and so far were able to raise more than 65 billion Egyptian pounds. To take part and donate to their campaign, you can head to their official page.

There are many more organizations that you can donate to including Islamic Relief UK, the International Rescue Committee as well as Global Giving and Project HOPE. Any donation will help especially as nearly all the population of north-east Syria already relies on humanitarian aid and so many of these organizations are calling for the International community to increase funding and assist in any way they can.

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