Turkey Takes Lawsuit Against Netanyahu To ICC, Calling Him The Hitler Of The 21st Century

Turkish attorney of the Justice and Development Party and former Parliament member Metin Kulnuk, among other two attorneys, have raised a petition against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu through the Turkish Ministry of Justice on Tuesday, accusing him of the genocide in Gaza against Palestinians. He posted on X, formerly Twitter that a lawsuit was taken to the International Criminal Court ICC.

The petition which was filled by the attorneys on behalf of the Turkish citizens accused Netanyahu of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. The 23-page petition read:

“Today, representing the conscience of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, we filed a lawsuit at the International Criminal Court in The Hague against the Hitler of the XNUMXst century – Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who must stand trial for the genocide he committed in the Gaza Strip and all crimes against humanity,” said Kulunk.

 “While the person subject to our application and request, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commits the alleged crimes, he does not hesitate to use weapons prohibited by international standards.”

“The crimes committed are indisputable. They are as solid as the grains of every tear shed by every person with a conscience, something that humanity should not accept.”

Turkish President Erdogan earlier this week highlighted that Turkey was breaking off contact with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu due to Israel’s actions in Gaza saying, “He is no longer someone we can talk to.” Erdogan refers to Israel as a ‘terrorist state’, an accusation to which Netanyahu has responded on X by accusing Erdogan of supporting Hamas.

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