9 Reasons Why Dubai Malls Conquer All!

The Mall, one of those things that has a united cult following. Every big city has them and somehow we find them no matter what difficulties meet our path, language barriers (bisshhh please!), dress restrictions (sure, I’ll wear a burka) – whatever it is, really, we are down as long as it means we can get in.

The Middle East is famous for a lot of things – our culture, hospitality, our lavish lifestyles and, of course, our out of the box ideas when it comes to molding the perfect “shopping experience”.

Here is a list of the craziest of crazy things we have seen in Dubai malls – what any shopping experience just isn’t complete without, obviously.


1. So remember that time we took our Eid shopping sooooo seriously we actually kept the Dubai malls open for 48 hours?! Yea, that was us.



2. There is actually an entire council dedicated to the whole shopping mall experience!



3. Who said diving in a mall was too cray?



4. Or better yet, skiing with 45 degree weather just outside!



5. And just in case you missed it the first time, don’t worry, most malls have two branches or more of the SAME store in the SAME mall!

forever 21 dubai


6. And hey, because the Council of Shopping Centres cares so much, they have actually decided to combine the museum and shopping experience by placing a 155 million year old dinosaur skeleton in the MIDDLE of the mall!



7. Better yet, they’ve given us the once in a life time opportunity to play real life Monopoly!



8. Now we all know SIZE matters, and since no one puts this into practice better then Dubai, it only makes sense that if you think Dubai Mall wasn’t big enough already, a new expansion plan to increase it by 30% – making it the biggest mall in the GALAXY – has recently been announced!



9. Meanwhile, although you can find dancing fountains in major malls around the region, the 6,600 WET superlights of the Dubai Mall Fountain make it visible from space as the brightest spot in the Middle East!



WE SAID THIS: Now that’s what we call shopping in style!