Lights, Camera, Action: 10 Things You Need to Know About Dubai’s Second Paramount Hotel

Dubai is a fascinating city that provides top-notch hospitality resorts to its visitors, making their experiences indescribable. The city is on the rise with distinctive and elegant hotels that fascinate a wide range of customer tastes, such as the LEGOLAND Hotel and the V Hotel.

This time, Dubai is scheduled to open a second Paramount hotel, which will provide a one-of-a-kind experience that combines the studio’s artistic side with a joyous experience for visitors seeking a change!

The first Paramount Hotel debuted in Dubai in 2019, with over 800 rooms and suites divided into three categories: “Studio, Scene, and Stage Guest Rooms.” The hotel’s workers were set to be referred to as “cast members,” while the general manager was set to be referred to as the “director.” Behind-the-scenes and never-before-seen images from iconic Paramount films were featured on every floor of the 69-story tower.

Therefore, with its second launch in Dubai, the Paramount Hotel Midtown is set to dazzle the world with its stunning art deco design which will open in the first week of Feb. This is a hotel for movie buffs who are looking to blend with the cinematic world of Paramount while having a luxurious escapade.

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Here are 10 things you didn’t know about this hotel that is bound to get you excited for the opening!

Famous Film Titles Hang in the Hotel

This hotel has a fantastic artistic flair in its architecture, including movie names like “Sunset Boulevard” to immerse guests in the Paramount studios’ cinematic universe.

Live Music Nights at the Speakeasy

Local singers Claudia Patrice, Larudche, Andrea Laguna, and Eleonora Barbacini provide outstanding singing talents at Flashback Speakeasy. The list continues on and on as foreign performers are carefully chosen to provide the audience with a one-of-a-kind experience. This is the ideal location for music lovers!

Luxurious Restaurants (Malibu Deck)

This restaurant features an opulent resort-style pool, delicious meals, trademark hookah, and pulsing music. Malibu also has a laid-back attitude during the day and a larger-than-life intensity at night. This is also the spot to go to watch sports on the large screen, which provides a fascinating relaxed experience, unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

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Private Cinema

The Paramount Screening Room is a private cinema and stage for live entertainment that pays homage to the historical wonder of motion pictures and original Paramount classics. This location, which hosts movies, stand-up comedy, live music, and theatre performances, is a film enthusiast’s dream.

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Walkability Factor

The Dubai Mall and The Dubai Fountain are both 1.3 miles distant, and The Burj Khalifa is 1.8 miles away. The hotel is 3 miles from City Walk Mall and a short walk from Dubai Water Canal. The closest airport is Dubai International Airport, which is 7.7 miles away.

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This hidden lair for cocktails and snacks is inspired by the 1920s. This bar serves a wide range of classic cocktails, artisan beverages, botanical gins, and silky whiskeys in old teacups that trace back to the hidden ways of the 1920s. In addition, the concealed area in the back is ideal for discreet gatherings and late-night encounters.

Children’s Playground & Fitness Center

The Paramount Hotel’s top-notch fitness center aims to treat its guests in a way that promotes healthy habits while also providing fun for kids via a children’s playground.

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Pause Spa

Pause Spa will give you a Hollywood glow with Chateau Berger’s rejuvenating Vitamin C facial, and guests will have complimentary use of the spa thermal facilities and Malibu Pool Deck to round out their experience.

Hollywood-themed Rooms 

The rooms are Hollywood-themed, with pictures from classic Paramount films and eye-catching bathrobes that spell “The stage is set,” as this hotel is all about movies!

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Every Thursday at Pacific Groove Restaurant & Lounge, an unmissable deal is always too amazing to pass up right in front of your eyes! Along with a 50 percent discount on a bag of 26 fantastic wines, this deal lets you carefully pick unique, diverse, and tasty drinks!

There you have it, these were the most exciting aspects of this great hotel, and we are eagerly anticipating its opening next month!

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