Meet Sattom Alasad: The Saudi Architect Translating her Designs Into NFTs

The virtual world is going to engulf us in the next couple of years. Almost everything is turning digital: currencies, real estate, and art. Sattom Alasad, the architect and designer is participating in the metaverse with her art. Here’s everything you need to know about this multi-talented designer.

Alasad is an architect, designer, and DJ! Raised in Saudi Arabia as a young girl, she had a knack for arts and design. She would decorate her classroom with her teacher yearly, and design school uniforms for her friends and herself. From then on, Alasad has been into improving the aesthetics of space and clothes. She’s somewhat of a natural artist, yet she took her time to realize it.

Going to college, she was irresolute about which major to pursue. From first wanting to study fashion to law to business, until she finally landed on architecture. Which she later learned was her true calling. She got a scholarship to study abroad in Boston at Northeastern University. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles and got herself a job, while working on a Masters in Business Administration.

Having an eye for visuals and arts, she launched her creative journey. She started her one-woman design studio, creating virtual arts. What fascinates her the most is how a space’s vibe can change completely through light, form, and materiality, creating different experiences. When it comes to creating original work, she really likes to spend time absorbing new information in different forms of art; reading, listening to podcasts, and seeing more art. In her opinion, input is just as important as output. Through her artistic search, in the unexpected form of spinning, she discovered her talent as a DJ.

Her latest project is about creating digital arts

In light of many huge companies investing in the digital world and the metaverse, she actively tries to participate in designing the virtual world. For Alasad, digital spaces provide a great chance to get in touch with people. They also give the artist so much room for self-expression and for Alasad herself, they give her space to explore her Saudi heritage.

She plans to be a part of the metaverse and incorporate Saudi design elements into her digital arts. Alasad said, “I’m currently working on translating my designs to be sold as NFTs where the owner can choose to host the spaces in the metaverse or the digital world where they can be experienced fully and immersively through virtual reality.” She also expressed that connecting with her culture while being away from it empowers her.

Alasad is surely inspiring for all ambitious artists. Are you the next artist who’s going to enter the metaverse?

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