Looking to Invest in NFTs? Here Are the Arab Artists Who Are Auctioning Their Work

The world is about to enter a new era in which art is transcending its material form. Today, art pieces can be auctioned off as NFTs on online marketplaces, such as OpenSea, which connect a wide variety of commodities with possible buyers.

This new way of presenting art could be a doorway to endless creative opportunities; the evolution of technology will revolutionize how art will be featured and perceived by a wider range of audiences.

In this day and age, artists from all over the world are signing in to this novel, lucrative way of marketing their art. Three artists and an agency from the region have ventured into NFTs too, and we’re here to talk about them.

Aya Tarek – Egypt

Aya Tarek is a promising artist with a conventional fine arts background who creates wonderful work that speaks to the spirit. She created an art collection for the NFTY Arabia marketplace. Aya’s collection consists of both actual paintings and digital pieces, and it will be the first to be sold on NFTY.

Her series focuses on the term “consumerism” and the capitalistic connotations that it typically carries.

The exhibition, which includes a combination of actual paintings and digitally-produced pieces, runs until December 22 at Downtown Cairo’s Kodak Passageway.

via: The National News
Phantom, a true masterpiece!

El Gad3ana Juice Diet By BLTNM

This is a juice diet NFT design by BLTNM production company owned by Palestinian rapper Shabjdeed and producer Al Nather. The duo said that the new NFT-based drink will be featured in their marketing and music videos.


Posted by ‎بلاتنم BLTNM‎ on Thursday, May 6, 2021

Kristel Bechara – Lebanon

A prodigy who created art unlike anything we’ve ever seen before! Kristel Bechara is the first Arab female artist in the UAE and the Middle East to create an NFT tokenized art series.

Her work is influenced by real-life emotions that we all experience from time to time. “Fomo,” a digital art piece, is inspired by our propensity to experience what we call “fear of missing out.” This is an unpleasant sensation that we all experience from time to time.

via: Kristel

The title of the other piece is “Ether,” which refers to the clear sky or the higher reaches of the atmosphere above and beyond the clouds. Ether depicts a woman who is soaring over the sky and pondering the universe, entranced by the galaxy’s magnificence.

Islamic Art Agency

Behnood Javaherpour, a Dubai-based entrepreneur, founded this agency. And throuugh it, he aims to support the work of brilliant Middle Eastern artists and sell their distinctive digital imprints to art lovers all over the world through live auctions.

via: AD

Artists from the Middle East will make each artwork. Therefore, a portion of all digital artwork auctioned will be contributed directly to the Behnoode Foundation, which assists Nepalese out-of-school children.

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