Amidst the Golden Sands of Sinai, Roam Egypt Takes Us on a Dahab Roadtrip

In their 5th episode, Roam Egypt is taking you, once again, on a journey to one of the country’s hidden gems; this time, Raouf and Taimour are going to the magical city by the Red Sea, Dahab. Situated at the heart of Aqaba bay, this beautiful Bedouin fishing village is just an hour away from Sharm El Sheikh.

Dahab is a dream destination where people, be it Egyptians or foreigners, visit or even decide to move to. It’s a village where you can enjoy the mountains on your left and the Red Sea on your right. For sure, it’s a hub for friends and families; it’s just the right place to go.

In the 5th episode, Roam Egypt covers plenty of activities, and the best thing about them is that they are for everyone! Whether you are visiting the Lagoona where you and your friends can go for a swim, getting tanned on the sand, or drinking Dahab’s signature Marmarya tea, real adrenaline-inducing action is happening. The 6-day trip is filled with activities, adventure, and heart-pounding fun. And fortunately for you, we got the full scoop.

The escapade starts with a road trip on Sharm Road, where the two adventurers watch the road go by, enjoying the scenery.

It’s not about chilling though, so if you love working out your body, this one is for you.

Quad Biking

After a chill first day at Dahab, the 2nd day kicks off with a quad bike experience. Some might think that quad biking is an extreme sport that’s all about danger, but not when you’re in Dahab. While it can be a little scary, it’s a fun, off-road, thrilling experience where you can ride through the desert of Egypt.

Bedouin Nights

On the 2nd day of Roam Egypt’s trip, the pair of adventurers stay up late at Wadi Gnai for a bedouin night; a night that features dinner under the stars. Here, friends can gather around the fire, share a meal, and share stories. Observe the midnight sky of Wadi Gnai’s desert with a cup of tea on the side, or even camp there for a full-on desert experience!


Raouf and Taimour go diving at the Islands, which is only 5 minutes from the sand strip of the Lagoon. The aquatic sport is not for the faint-hearted, yet it’s worth it. Matter of fact, the Red Sea is one of the best diving places in the world, as it has more than a thousand species of fish and many species of magnificent corals. Another diving location they take you to is the Bluehole “Bells”, which is an oasis of tranquility north of Dahab. Then it’s time for a dive at the Canyon for all divers who love exploring caves underwater.

Kite Surfing

Roam Egypt proceeds to take you through a whole fun day, that’s all about activities. The fourth day is spent at the Blue Lagoon. The adventurers stay over there for a whole night; freediving, having lunch, chilling, hiking, having a bonfire, stargazing, and most importantly, kite surfing. The action-packed sport requires a lot of bodily control, but most importantly, it’s just fun. You can kitesurf alone or with a friend. With a little bit of learning, you can ace this aquatic sport, just to experience it at the Blue Lagoon.


Hiking up the elevated steep roads is a vigorous activity, but it’s also a pleasurable hobby! In Dahab, you can go hiking in Saint Catherine, from the Blue Hole to the Blue Lagoon, the Canyons, or Wadi Gnai. Roam Egypt takes you on the 4th day of the trip on a hike by the hills of the Blue Lagoon, and it’s an exhilarating experience.


Snorkeling is a much easier activity and it’s basically for anyone who knows how to swim. With easily acquired equipment, it’s time to dive in and explore the sea. Roam Egypt takes you to Dahab where you can go snorkeling in the Blue Hole or Three Pools. Being by the Red Sea, it’s a perfect chance for you to go snorkeling.

Horseback & Camel Riding

Horseback and camel riding are as old as time. What used to be the only transportation method at one time, is now a recreational activity that you can experience in Dahab with a view of the sea. In that golden village, or specifically in areas around the Blue Hole, you can ride a horse or a camel on the beach, take a stroll on the shore, and breathe in the serenity and the view.

Rock Climbing

Roam Egypt continues their adventure and they take you to the small oasis of Wadi Gnai, where greenery meets the hills, to go on a rock climbing experience up the valley. On the fifth day, the adventurers also head to Jabal Moussa near the city of Saint Catherine. They spend the day climbing up the mountain at midnight, just to witness the breathtaking sunrise from up top. This marks the last activity of the trip. After sunrise, it’s time for a quick bite before they hit the road to Cairo.

As usual, Roam Egypt never seems to disappoint, taking us from one adventure to the other.

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