The Hidden Gems of Cairo: Savory Restaurants That Are Not on Your Radar

By: Rahma Haggag

During your daily scrolling through social media mainly Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you will always find yourself looking at pictures of food that are captured by influencers and bloggers. Bloggers always present beautiful pictures of food, showing how perfectly it looks, and this always influences people to go for this type of food and try it.

Don’t you think that the quality of food lies in its taste and smell? Nowadays, not all people are lucky enough to have a good degree of food choice because many people chose to be influenced by what they see through the bloggers’ and influencers’ stories and posts on social media, rather than being influenced by what they really love to eat.

Moreover, people always think that this food, which they see behind their phone screens will always be the most delicious food just because some blogger or influencer posted about it. 

On the other hand, there are many restaurants that really serve savory food but they are underrated just because they are not famous or fancy enough, and for these reasons, they are less frequently posted about. Here are some underrated restaurants and takeaway food places where you can really find tasty and good food.


Taza is located in Dokki’s Tahrir Street; it serves the most mouth-watering Egyptian traditional food. People always mention Taza for its tasty beef and chicken shawarma. Also, its Hawawshi sandwich, chicken roll sandwich, and boneless grilled chicken are some of the best choices that people always go there for. In addition, its prices are reasonable enough for all people!

KoKio Fried Chicken

Because of its Maadi location, this restaurant is mainly well-known for Maa’dians. It is one of the most delicious fried chicken restaurants that also serves Korean food; the place is very cozy and it’s renowned for its friendly staff. Try it and you won’t regret it.


Caizo is newly known for its very tasty Shawerma and Hawawshi sandwiches; it is located in 5th Settlement behind Petrosport Stadium. It is well known for its “Dasta” which is a box that contains 12 sandwiches. Caizo will open a new branch in Nasr City very soon. 

Holmes Burger

Holmes is one of the most delicious burger restaurants that serves many types of burgers at reasonable prices. It is famous for its cozy setting with casual vibes and friendly staff. It’s located in Sidi Gaber, Alexandria and in Maadi. 

Munch and Shake

Munch and Shake is also one of the best restaurants that serve tasty burgers, wings, and fried chicken. It has two locations till now: in Maadi and Merghany. People who tried it will always keep on recommending it to their friends, family, and people around them for its very delicious food. 

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