From Fiori To La Trattoria… Here Is Your Guide To Eating Pasta In Cairo

Pasta lovers go around looking for the most flavourous pasta plates but they’re not easy to come by. While taste buds differ from person to person, there are just some restaurants that win for everyone.

So, here are some top restaurants that have gained the admiration of all Cariene pasta lovers!

O’s Pasta

This restaurant is located in Zamalek and has a long list of diverse pasta flavors with all the toppings you could dream of. Whether you’re into pesto or seafood, just looking at this photograph is enough to get your mouth watering.

Porta D’oro

Located in Dokki, Porta D’oro serves several dishes, but when it comes to their pasta – people swear by it. If anything, their lasagne is truly special, you won’t regret giving it a try.

Mo Bistro

For Agouza residents, visiting Mo Bistro is a must. If you haven’t tried their pasta yet, it’s about time! If you’re a confirmed spaghetti addict, you will adore their creamy shrimp pasta.


Right in the heart of Maadi, is where you will find Vittorio’s. Aside from their miracles of pizza, their pasta is top-notch. You’ll be thanking us later 👌


El Tagamoa graciously holds one of the best Italian restaurants. It brings the Italian atmosphere right to Cairo so you can experience the best of both worlds.

Spaghi Spaghetteria

In Sheikh Zayed, if you’re bored of strolling the food court, just head straight to Spaghi Spaghetteria. They mix seafood, from shrimp to calamari, all covered in creamy white sauce – it’s divine.


You don’t need to be in Heliopolis to visit Rossini, you go especially for it. The food’s smell, with the taste, its texture, the whole experience is something straight from heaven.

Pane Vino

At Qasr El Nil in Cairo, is where you can enjoy the Italian flavors right by the river Nile. Their pasta is delicious, so delicious you’ll dream about it afterwards.

Leonardo Ristorante

In Heliopolis, you can taste a mixture of Italian food with a hint of Mediterranean. Their pasta is out of this world and admittedly one of the best pasta places in Cairo.

Sapori di Carlo

In Zamalek, the restaurant attracts so many people due to its famous Parmesan pasta! It’s the baby of Carlo, the Michelin-star chef. He brings the culinary miracles of Italy to Cairo.

Le Pasha 1901

That restaurant is as old as time. The boat restaurant has all kinds of food, but when it comes to their Italian pasta, it’s one of a kind; with their creamy sauce and fresh veggies – divine!

La Trattoria

Lighting up the streets of Zamalek, La Trattoria is definitely a go-to for all Zamalek residents and visitors. An authentic Italian place that you’ve got to try!

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