Saudi in Space: A Kingdom on Earth and Beyond the Edge of Earth and the Cosmos

Saudi Arabia has been one of the countries endlessly working on improving their space programs through the establishment of new projects and technologies, helping the Kingdom in reclaiming its due place among the world’s space leaders, and the reasons they’ve joined the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) are many.

Launch of the SSC

The Saudi Space Agency, known as Saudi Space Commission SSC and located in Riyadh, was launched back in December 2018 with an aim to becoming the primary organization in relation to the Saudi space sector.

By approving the SSC, they hope to direct and coordinate their national efforts beyond satellite communications, showing their intention to becoming a globally significant participant in the realm of outer space.

One of the pivotal projects to be carried out by the SSC include the development of a low-cost satellites launch and manufacturing systems, a crucial part to the creation of a high-tech industrial and research sector that would contribute to ever-growing development.

Saudi Arabia is not a novice to the subject of space exploration, and it has often expressed its desire to explore space in all of its forms.

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Joining The IAF

The Saudi Space Authority has become a member of the IAF, a premier international space organization created in 1951 to promote conversation between scientists throughout the world and stimulate international cooperation in the field of space.

Dr. Muhammad bin Saud Al-Tamimi, the Saudi Space Authority’s CEO-designate, confirmed that the space sector is one of the sectors targeted in Vision 2030, as the Kingdom seeks to become one of the leading countries in this field, and that the Saudi Space Authority is working to develop the space sector through scientific and professional development of employees.

He stated that:

“Today, we are pleased to join the International Space Federation to enhance the Kingdom’s position globally, and to continue its leadership role in the development of the space economy internationally, and we at the Saudi Space Authority look forward to sharing experiences and activities with the International Astronautical Federation, and to be part of this global network to serve the space sector.” .

The joining of the Saudi Space Authority would strengthen the Kingdom’s position and leadership role in the region and worldwide, as well as the Kingdom’s space sector’s clear legislative system, which addresses the future, drives growth, and inspires generations.

The authority is in favor of initiating this type of international cooperation due to it benefits from several successful relationships with international partners in the development of the Kingdom’s space sector.

For the sake of humanity, the authority has also contributed to worldwide initiatives to improve scientific and knowledge exchange, which includes strengthening international alliances. In addition to joining the membership of a number of significant global organizations, several space agencies and specialized international organizations share a common vision for peaceful space exploration.

As a result, Saudi Arabia has made significant efforts to improve several of its sectors by joining international committees that allow them to share their ideas and new ventures, while also allowing them to expand in these areas.

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