From the Oriental Rivoli to LEGOLAND: Here are Six Unique Hotels in the Middle East

The first LEGO-themed resort in the Middle East just opened its doors! LEGOLAND Hotel is in Dubai Parks & Resorts in the United Arab of Emirates. The hotel provides many luxurious, yet fun, amenities and they’re all LEGO-themed. Whenever in Dubai, visitors will be able to spot the bright-colored hotel from a distance. However, that’s not the only themed hotel in the Middle East that’s worth checking out.


At the entrance of the hotel, guests pass by a smoke-breathing LEGO dragon. They can then book one of 250 themed rooms: Pirate, Adventure, Friends, Ninjago, or Kingdom room. The hotel is covered in LEGOS everywhere. There are LEGO characters, models, LEGO construction pipes, and LEGO chefs greeting people in the hotel’s restaurant. Additionally, there’s a breakfast and theme park, a LEGOLAND Dubai Theme Park and Water Park, and a Skyline Lounge for adults to hang out.

The hotel is created mainly for children, with a check-in desk at their height. They can also get their fair share of fun going on scavenger hunts. Each room has an area for children with a no “adults” sign and a TV where they can watch their favorite LEGO movies. Moreover, children can attend the first LEGOLAND Creative Workshop! They can take creative learning sessions and build their own LEGO models.

This might be the first LEGO-themed hotel in the Middle East, but all over the region, there are various hotels that stand out. Each hotel has its own vibe and can transfer you to a whole other place.

V Hotel Dubai

Here’s another one-of-a-kind hotel in Dubai, UAE. The figurines and hotel rooms look kind of futuristic, yet modern. Even the couch where you can spend some time has no alike. Some rooms are simple and in plain colors, while others are bright-colored and quirky. Time spent at V Hotel would be an unordinary experience.

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Oriental Rivoli Hotel & Spa

The Eastern hotel is in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. It is filled with Middle Eastern art, marble floors, centerpieces, and vintage furniture. The interior design is about simplicity, the past; with a tint of classy yellow lights and dark brown wood. The hotel encapsulates the Middle Eastern experience in a nutshell.

Banana Island Resort

The Arabian resort is in Doha, Qatar. Its main theme is bright Arabian features. The furniture, the walls, the lighting, and the decor are a blend of modernism and Middle Eastern design. The hotel is right by the ocean and all rooms are either overlooking the blue waters or the lagoon pool. It definitely has its own scenery.

Beit Douma

This one is less of a hotel and more of a guesthouse, but it’s special enough to get mentioned in this list. Right in Douma, Lebanon, the hotel has Italian vibes, with colorful windows, printed bright furniture, and an outdoor area. However, Oum Kalthoum’s paintings Arabize the guesthouse and definitely make it a must-go-to.

The House Hotel Jeddah City Yard

In the heart of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the House hotel is all about soothing modern, minimalistic design. What makes this hotel stand out in the Kingdom is how it incorporates the Arabic experience with the contemporary. Simply, it’s one of Jeddah’s finest.

Hotel Moroccan House Casablanca

The hotel fits right in Casablanca, Morocco, with its oriental Moroccon intertior design. The walls are all covered in colorful, artistic tiles and the wooden, brown doors are engraved. The furniture is painted gold, giving it an original Arabic aesthetic. The best part about the hotel, and what it’s most famous for, is its Moroccan cuisine!

What are the unique hotels in your country?

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