DMC Shares Inspiring Stories of Egyptians Living With Hearing Impairment

The Egyptian TV network, DMC, has recently launched a new channel solely dedicated to individuals with hearing impairments called DMC in Sign Language. Last Ramadan, a sign language interpreter was spotted on Mohamed Ramadan’s show, Zilzal, and I have been a big fan ever since.

DMC has been noticeably taking initiatives to be more inclusive. Last year, the network hired Rahma Khaled, the first ever TV host with Down’s Syndrome, for the morning show Tamanya El Sobh.

DMC’s Youtube channel now features four inspiring stories from four Egyptians living with hearing impairments. Check them out below:

Seif Salah El-Din – Customer service employee at WE telecom company

Aya Mohamed – Secretary at the National Council on Disability Affairs 

Madonna Gamal – TV host

Samir Kandil – Employee at LG company

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