Did Sherine Abdelwahab Just Quit Music AGAIN?

Sherine Abdelwahab has been facing extreme backlash after her comment regarding Egypt at a concert that went viral. A video of the artist in Bahrain telling the crowd that speaking her mind in Egypt could get her arrested circulated. The Egyptian Musicians’ Syndicate soon released a statement banning the songstress from performing in Egypt, especially that this was not the first incident.

During a phone conversation with Amr Adib, Abdelwahab pleaded the president to interfere as she felt continuously attacked by people who want to see her fail, adding that her love for Egypt is unquestionable. Celebrities from all over the region showed solidarity with the banned artist, yet the syndicate did not make any further comments.

Via Rotana Music Twitter

The news came out today that the singer informed the syndicate’s Head, Hany Shaker, that she decided to quit singing. Abdelwahab has not commented or posted any updates on social media. The decision came days after the songstress threw a gigantic concert in Dubai’s Global Village and broke a record with over 100k attendees.

This would not be the first time Abdelwahab decides to quit her music career. Back in 2016, Journalist Rabei Henedy posted an Instagram video of an alleged recording of Sherine stating that she is quitting music. Days later, she explained that her fans’ love was the one thing that made her change her mind and continue serenading us.

Is this a rumor? Another publicity stunt? Well, nothing is impossible in the land of celebrities and hasty decisions.


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