Shady Srour’s Post-Depression Comeback Is Surprisingly a Mohamed Ramadan Diss Track

What is it with Egyptian celebrities who can’t sing and diss tracks? Internet celebrity, Shady Srour, has been on content hiatus for quite some time. The vlogger posted an emotional video where he announced that he is suffering from depression and it was all due to cyber-bullying. Srour said that the hateful comments were crippling his state-of-mind and felt like taking his life at any minute. Later on, he promised on social media that his comeback will be bigger than ever and unstoppable.

Well, the man is back and surprisingly posted a diss track called ‘El-Ostoora‘ targeting Egyptian Actor, Mohamed Ramadan. The track is the 5th most trending Youtube video. While many of his fans love the song and we agree that Ramadan’s attitude can be over-the-top, the list of mistakes Srour made is endless.

One, whether you are a Ramadan fan or not, the vlogger targeted one of the most hard-working and self-built actors in the cinema field. Two, Srour can neither sing nor rap. Three, this is not a diss track between two rivaling hip-hoppers, this is insulting whining.

Four, may you practice what you preach, sir? You were on the verge of a nervous breakdown over social media hate and now you do the same exact thing to someone whose success and fan base are beyond your comprehension. Five, Bushra beat you to a Ramadan diss track, so no originality there. And guess what? No one liked it either. Six, the song title should be CLICKBAIT. Seven, if you are going to take the public diss road, don’t cry when his fans come for you and fill your page with equal hate.

I’ve always defended Shady Srour, but honestly, I’m over celebrities acting like wounded puppies then turning into the exact same thing they criticize for traffic. Dear Shady, stick to the funny videos that got you over four million Youtube subscribers from. I’m over celeb feuds. Thank you, next!

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