Shady Srour Breaks Down in Tears in His Last Ever Social Media Video With Suicidal Message

Every day, we come across subtle signs hinting at depression, pain, hopelessness and suicide and we take them for granted. No matter how many times people take their lives after being crystal clear about their intentions earlier, we deny ever noticing the signs.

Well, Egypt’s biggest Youtuber, comedian, and recently-turned-actor has just posted a video that will shake you to the core.

Shady Srour is basically the father of Viners and Youtubers in Egypt. With over 3.8 million Youtube subscribers and 5 million Facebook followers, the young man has been constantly evolving with his content. From simple videos of him wearing an ‘Isdal’, women’s praying cover, to the first Egyptian Youtube movie, Titanic, with co-star Bushra and Director Kheidr Mohamed Kheidr, the rising talent has been giving it his all.

Via Shady Srour

But along with success and fame, comes a hurdle of hate, jealousy, cruel judgments, and cyber-bullying. Following Srour’s version of Titanic’s bad reviews, the actor shared his two cents following the intense social media bullying. Later, he shared another post about the reality of living with depression.

Via Shady Srour: “Yes, I’m 21 years old, but I’ve already given up. I’m no longer interested in being alive. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I started thinking that death is an easier way out.”

Today, the Youtuber, once again, shared a very clear suicidal message. In a video posted hours ago, Shady explains that all he wanted was for people to like him and what he has to offer. He also added that there is no explanation for the hate he’s currently receiving.

Srour shared a screenshot of his last post where he claims that he intends on committing suicide and shares some of the horrible reactions and comments he received. This is supposedly the last video Srour will ever post.

.آخر فيديو ليا علي السوشيال ميديا

آخر فيديو ليا علي السوشيال ميديا.الفيديو الكامل:

Posted by Shady on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

While some reacted sarcastically, rubbing salt in his wound, other fellow influencers left more positive messages.

Suzan Mubarak’s Parody Facebook Page: “It’s just a stunt so he would post another video a week later saying that he’s grateful for being able to tell haters from those who truly love him and so on.”
Ali Ghozlan: “If you guarantee that you’re better off if you take your life away, I swear to God I’m with you on this. It’s just a matter of years. Live your life and you’ll die anyway. God will definitely be fair to you. And don’t tell me your life is hard. There are many others with even harder lives and they’re coping and satisfied. You’re just going through a phase of depression and need to see a therapist. There’s no shame in depression, it’s an illness just like any other illness. But you need to be strong enough to fight and hopefully, everything will be fine. Plus, nothing is worth disobeying God for. Have you thought about your family, friends. and those who care about you? Why be selfish? This is a test from God. He’s not testing how strong you are, but rather seeing how much faith you have in Him. Anyway, whether he’s being serious or not, just leave him alone if you don’t like the guy. He finds some sort of achievement in his work. You can’t imagine the amount of emotional pain you’re causing the guy. He’s saying he’ll commit suicide and you’re still attacking him and hating on him with your comments?

The problem with people under the spotlight is that we always think everything they do is a publicity stunt, a desperate call for attention; we never take them seriously. We never think of them as humans!

To us, they’re just names and faces on our screens. We do hope this is some kind of stunt or PR campaign for suicide awareness because we refuse to lose another young and successful man to depression.

This is the last updated profile photo on his account.

Via Shady Srour: “The owner of this page is dead.”

WE SAID THIS: When will people ever comprehend the intensity of pain inflicted on others by simple social media actions?!