Is Shady Srour on His Way to Becoming Richer Than Sawiris and Abu Hashima?

Via Shady Srour


We’d like to start by saying masha’Allah, Allaho akbar and khamsa we khemeesa and we promise you, Shady, we’re not trying to jinx you. But c’mon, Egypt, would you ever have guessed that you can make this much money by posting YouTube videos? We knew viewership involved lots and lots of money but this is just insane!


There’s a website called Social Blade that tracks YouTube’s stats. It tells you everything you need to know about anyone you follow, from subscriber and video view ranking to an estimation of monthly and yearly earnings. We have to admit we were kind of curious about Shady Srour specifically, since he is the most followed and watched person in the Egypt.


Via Social Blade


Shady first joined YouTube about four years ago, in 2013. The funny guy has garnered a total of 500 million views and over 1.8 million followers. Insane numbers, we know! We come across endless comments where social media users wonder why would anyone post videos of basically nothing? Why are these YouTubers famous? How come Shady Srour suddenly became an actor? What do they get out of it? Shouldn’t they get a job and a life instead?



Well, sadly it is clear to us now that the only ones with wrong life goals are the rest of us. Long story short, this is how you can make money on YouTube; you just start a channel, keep uploading worthy content, monetize your videos and allow them to show ads, and once you hit 10 thousand views, you will start making money.


So how much does Social Blade estimate Shady Srour’s income? The YouTuber allegedly earns something between $59.4k to $949.8k. The website has been long criticized for estimating a huge range which differs from one country to another based on its currency, the price of ads and other factors. Yet, let’s assume he only makes a minimum of 59.4k annually, that’s like EGP 1.1 million and he’s just a kid. How much do you make again?



WE SAID THIS: We’re not sure how rich Sawiris and Abu Hashima are but we’re sure 22-year-old Shady is on his way to beat their bank accounts. Smart boy!