Aya Mostafa Shares Horrific Story About a Violent Careem Driver

Via Aya Mostafa


It is no secret that the quality of Uber and Careem’s drivers are going down the drain. Now, it is impossible to read one single good review on social media.


The drivers are rude, they refuse to use GPS, they cancel rides all the time for no apparent reasons. We’re mainly talking about Uber because customers’ new preference seemed to be Careem. Unfortunately though, we have a serious issue with the overall quality maintenance in Egypt.


Via Careem


Egyptian influencer, Aya Mostafa, just shared quite a story about a Careem driver and we’re hoping there is another side to these allegations. According to Mostafa, she bumped into a little girl at the dentist who had a broken arm and bruises all over her body. The girl claimed that after taking a Careem ride at Kobry El Obba, the driver started talking nonstop.


Via Aya Mostafa


While leaving the car she asked for change, he denied having any and allegedly snapped her bag and took her phone. She tried to escape the car but he ended up beating her. She ended up in Heliopolis hospital where she filed a complaint.


Aya Mostafa added that the driver still works at Careem, which honestly sounds horrific. We hope Careem’s team come forward with an explanation to these allegations.


We’ve contacted Careem and here’s what they had to say: “Careem is sincerely sorry for the regrettable incident that our customer endured. We are currently working with the customer and all relevant stakeholders to solve the problem and take action against the Captain. We are also working on a facial recognition feature that we recently announced to be part of captain application in order to ensure the Captain enrolled on the application is the one in the ride. In the meantime, we urge all customers to verify the identity of the Captain before riding with them. The security of our customers is of utmost importance to us.”



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