Mohamed Ramadan’s ‘Mafia’ Views and Organic Reach Surpass Bushra’s ‘Kobra’

See this is what happens when you go head-to-head with the lord of organic reach. Two weeks ago, actress/singer/producer Bushra released a music video, Kobra, throwing shade at Egyptian box office king Mohamed Ramadan. While I am totally against Ramadan’s egocentric content, I was equally surprised by Bushra’s direct jab at the fellow artist. The music video left Bushra under fire for multiple politically incorrect directorial decisions, like casting a sedated animal and using a black face mask which was deemed racist.

Ramadan surprisingly seemed cool about the whole thing; more like indifferent, and the only comment he made was basically publicizing his upcoming music video ‘Mafia’.

But today let’s talk about their digital content’s organic reach. Bushra released ‘kobra‘ 10 days ago while Ramadan posted ‘Mafia’ only 2 days ago. Kobra Facebook video garnered 1.8 million views, while Mafia hit 1.1 million in less than 48 hours. Of course, Ramadan has 6 million followers on Facebook, while Bushra only has 150k followers which might explain the difference in organic reach. However, both went equally viral across the social media platforms.

The same goes for the Instagram teasers, Bushra -2.5 million followers- got 44k views, while Ramadan -6.5 million followers- got 644k views.

Ramadan’s Youtube game has been strong and completely destroyed any chances of a re-battle. Ramadan got 5.5 million views in 1 day, while Bushra got 5.6 million in a whole week.

It goes without saying high social media viewership doesn’t necessarily mean positive reviews. The most viral pieces of news are usually negative scandals. Yet, I believe in the power of memes. And when the Internet turns you into a meme that is in your favor, then you won the so-called diss battle.

Ramadan’s ego might get on all of our nerves, but the truth is the guy’s popularity is off the charts. His fans are almost cult like, so don’t go there because no one is going to beat him.

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