Here’s Why Arabs Should Start Using Pinterest More Often

Via Technians

By Sarah Alblowi

If Instagram and Tumblr had a baby, it would be Pinterest! Minus the pressure of likes and follows with more productivity and creativity. Quotes, healthy food pins, DIY’s, you name it! This is basically your ticket to discover new things and show your true self through the unique one of a kind platform. Being a Pinterest queen, I would advise to sign up with 2019 upon us, to start your mood boards and to put your New Year’s resolutions in action.


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Always wanted a mood board? Pinterest made it easy to make virtual boards where you can add or remove ideas effortlessly. Ideas for interior design, your dream wedding, photography hacks, food and drink, and so much more.


After signing up on Pinterest, you can save or pin, any picture, page, or idea to your boards while surfing the web. If that doesn’t sound exciting, I don’t know what does! Just imagine the endless amounts creations!


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Labeling your boards and dividing them into sections is seriously addictive. You start organizing your recipes board and before you know it, 6 hours have passed!

Connect with like minded people

It’s time to ditch Snapchat and Instagram for a more productive and less stressful platform. Unlike social media, you don’t have to be judged or worry about unwanted opinions. Let your personality shine!

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