El Feel El Azraa’s Sequel Teaser Just Came Out And Here Is Our Two Cents!

After Ahmed Mourad’s El Feel El Azraa’s major success as both a bestselling novel and later a hit movie adaptation, the thriller’s back with a sequel! The makers, as well as the cast, made the announcement last November, but only on new year’s eve was the first teaser released!

The first part’s cast included Karim Abdelaziz, Khaled El Sawy, Nelly Karim, and a bunch of other stars. Added to the sequels cast is Tunisian Actress Hend Sabry, who will be jumping on board the hit movie! The first part, that was based on Mourad’s book, told the story of Dr. Yehia, a psychotherapist at Al Abasia Hospital who treats criminally insane patients. Events take a different turn when Yehia finds himself treating an old friend and ends up dragging him with him down the rabbit hole.

The Cast of the Blue Elephant 2

Once again, Mourad joins forces with Film Director Marwan Hamed. The duo’s series of collaborations first started in 2014 with El Feel El Azraa’s first part. Which was then followed by El Asleyeen; Mourad’s first feature film written for cinema, and finally, Torab El Mas’ film adaptation that premiered last August 2018.

Even though Hamed’s debut feature, E’maret Yacoubian, was a major hit and promising start for the director, he definitely showed evolution and development throughout the past years. If you look at El Feel El Azraa’ and El Asleyeen that came out three years later, there was a noticeable difference from my humble point of view. The cinematic and directorial differences were positive with obvious improvement. How Hamed captured the essence of the story and reflected that on the silver screen was definitely sensational by all means.

As both a bookworm and film fanatic myself, I always end up stuck in the dilemma of choosing between the book and the movie. “Which is better?” a question that’s hard to answer for sure, however, when it came to El Feel El Azraa’, the answer was obvious, it was the book! I’m a true believer in the fact that the book is always better. That doesn’t throw blame on the filmmakers by any means. It’s just because reading strikes certain corners of your wild imagination you never knew they existed. So, no other person’s visualization of the story will ever satisfy the picture you had built in your mind.

I honestly did not enjoy watching the first part as much as I enjoyed reading the book. Putting aside the casting of some of the characters, which I got over later on, I had trouble with the screenplay itself. I felt it was a copy of the book making the scenes lack thrill and excitement for those who already read the book. I also felt that certain scenes, especially those in the climax, were overacted. Nevertheless, with both Hamed and Mourad’s recent evolution, I’m actually excited to watch the sequel and I’m expecting some promising results.

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