Amir Eid Hilariously Shades Bushra About Kobra Music Video

Via Nogoum FM

The drama never seems to end and the world’s popcorn isn’t enough for Egyptians. Bushra released a music video earlier this week and our lives are already more entertaining.

Every time we think we’re over the Kobra music video, a post shows up on social media and a new feud starts. The latest celebrity who had something to say about the music video is Cairokee’s lead Singer and the lord of Twitter comebacks, Amir Eid.

Eid tweeted, “I thought there is nothing worse than Mohamed Ramadan’s Number One’s music video until I heard Bushra’s song”. Brutal honesty much? What’s even more entertaining is Bushra’s reply, “Your opinion is much respected, however, you don’t sound like the ‘Andaleeb’, yet I love your lyrics and songs and I listen to them. I am wearing an elastic band amidst plastic people. Everyone is free to do what he wants as we’re a democracy, or is that not the case when it comes to music?”.

This might be the first time the songstress actually replies to the insane backlash she’s received. She was clearly criticizing his music and choice of lyrics, but the wrath and comebacks of Amir Eid are real.

“Democracy is good, the Internet gave people the chance to speak their mind. Don’t take it personally. No offense to both of you, that’s my opinion about the songs. Yes, my voice is not good, I am not the “Andaleeb’ or even a crow! I’m an eagle soaring high in the sky above you all, watching you beneath me. Could be a song”, Eid replied. O.U.C.H and Yaaaas !!!!!

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