Everyone Is Obsessed With Mohamed Ramadan’s Speech at the Creative Industry Summit

It’s the time of the year when all the region’s creatives get together for one epic session of brainstorming and trick-sharing.

The Creative Industry Summit has managed to become one of the Middle East’s biggest events with its impressive line-up of creatives from a variety of fields sharing different insights from all over the world.

Creative Industry MENA

Yesterday, the most-talked-about celebrity in the Middle East had the most inspirational and empowering discussion with the region’s biggest fighters. Egyptian Actor Mohamed Ramadan started by encouraging and giving credit to the brightest minds in the hall.

The actor modestly spent almost a full hour talking about the struggles of being an upcoming actor, why he consistently refers to himself as number one, his work strategy, social media game, and dealing with haters.


Ramadan is living proof of a success story driven by determination and the fearless will to stand out. This talk explained why he is, in fact, number one. The young Egyptian is modest, funny, self-built, loves, and believes in himself, and is always working on getting bigger and better. Every question you can think of was asked and he gladly answered them all.

Now we finally get why the guy has die-hard fans. Everyone wants to be a ‘Mohamed Ramadan success story’


Today, everyone on social media is posting about finally becoming a Ramadan fan after they saw the real man, not the celebrity. This man managed to wrap Egypt’s elitist media and former haters around his finger and I highly doubt anyone will criticize him on any platform anytime soon.

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