Etiquette 101: How to Behave in Mosques

By Sarah Alblowi 

My cousin’s Yeezys were stolen at the mosque’s door step last week, so I decided to have a chit chat with my co-workers to share our biggest no-nos when it comes to what I’d like to call “mosque etiquette”.

After our petty party, and since Ramadan is around the corner, I wanted to educate peopl on that matter! We want everyone to feel comfortable during their spiritual time in harmony. Therefore, just like food etiquette, these are just as important. 

Turn OFF Your Phone


I mean it! Noting more disrespectful and annoying than an obnoxious ring tone during a prayer that can’t be stopped. Especially those stubborn clingy callers who just won’t stop texting and calling. Please, I beg you, nothing boils my blood more. Also, major pet peeve, people who will look at the notification popping up, no, sweetheart, no!  

Shut up! 

Via Dawn

It’s not a book club, we’re not here to gossip about Huda’s hair or Noor’s cooking. Your mouth should only flap in the name of God and your prayers. Shout out to all the older ladies who come to prayers looking for potential wives for their sons, like an episode of The Bachelor, we love you but stop, take your love affairs outside. If you can’t help but say something, whisper, use your inner voice. 

Dress Appropriately 

Via Packslight

Islam is welcoming and anyone can enter, however, please respect the place and its people. Even if it’s hot outside, coming in with booty shorts or short dresses is not tolerable. In fact, women should cover their hair before entering. These little things do matter and it makes everyone around feel whole and connected. 

Tame Your Kids 

Via Aboutislam

The sacred place is not a play zone, so if you know your baby is hot-tempered, please leave them behind. Nothing is more frustrating than a whiney three-year-old hollering in desperation for Baby Shark. 

Tidy Up After Yourself

Via Rgj

Whether it’s prayer books or Qurans, have mutual respect and be considerate of the place and people around you. Don’t eat or smoke around or inside the mosque since it’s unacceptable. Also, don’t over pile your shoes, most mosques offer storage units for footwear.  

Park in Your Zone

Via Nikana

We’ve all been in the sticky situation of a merging into a crowded parking lot while running to catch the prayer. I know we run on Arab time, but can we start running on good Muslim time. No more late interrupted prayers, and most importantly, no blocking.

Leave your Rush Hour skills to your tablets and respect people’s time. Blocking an innocent person’s parking spot should be a sin! 


WE SAID THIS: Did anyone ever steal your shoes?  Tell us a crazy story below, we’d love to hear!