Celebrities Stand in Solidarity With Sherine Abdel Wahab After Singing Ban Decision

Sherine Abdel Wahab is living a career nightmare for yet another spontaneous moment at a concert. During a concert in Bahrain, the songstress was caught on camera saying that she can talk freely there, yet in Egypt, she would be imprisoned for speaking her mind. Sadly for her, the video went viral and the artist has received quite an intense backlash.

The Egyptian Musicians’ Syndicate released a statement that Sherine Abdel Wahab is banned from performing in Egypt indefinitely. This is the second time, syndicate’s Head and Egyptian Singer, Hany Shaker, imposes a penalty on Sherine. Last year, during a concert in UAE, Abdel Wahab went viral in another video saying that drinking from the Nile’s water can get you bilharzia, telling a fan to drink Evian water instead. The comment got the singer banned from performing for two months. Hany Shaker called the second video a huge mistake and insult against Egypt.

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شيري فنّانه رفيعة المستوى … طيّبه عفويه لدرجة ، قد لاتُصيبُ بالتّعبير عمّا لاتقصد، وأنا كغيري الكثير ممّن يعرفونها، على ثقة بأنّها ستتريّث فيما لايجب أنّ يحصل ، وثقتنا بالفنّان الكبير الأستاذ هاني شاكر، كبيره بأنّ يكون له طيب الأثر، بوقفة مع مطربة يفخر بها الفنّ ، غذّت المشاعر ، وقوّمت قلوب ، وتغنّت بجميع أنواع المشاعر ، وتألّقت بأغاني الوطن ، وأنّ تمرّ هذه المحنة على خير ، وكلّنا ثقه بأنّها ستزيد تألّقاً ، في عالم يحتاجها ، إنّ شكّ يوماً بولاءها ، حتماً سيرجع يصفح عنها ، لأنّها منه وهو يزهو بها #أصاله #متضامن_مع_شيرين @sherine

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However, fellow celebrities have come to her rescue with a hashtag #متضامن_مع_شيرين (In solidarity with Sherine). Assala, Fifi Abdou, Ahlam, Angham, Najwa Karam, Elissa, Myriam Fares, Balqees, and Nadine Nassib have all called her one of the most sensational artists who has made them fall in love with Egypt with her songs; and her patriotism cannot be doubted.

Watch Shereen Abdel Wahab with Amr Adib defending herself and asking for President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s intervention below:

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