Global Attractions That Will Bring Tourists to the UAE

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By Elaine E.

The UAE is among the leading nations when it comes to tourist attraction. With there being so much to see and do over here, it comes as no surprise to find that there are properties for sale in uae. Imagine being able to say that you now live in the UAE! Both locals and foreigners enjoy a variety of sites, activities, and architecture. It is also among the top vacation spots, as well as a shopping destination.

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Tourists can visit different cities such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi depending on their preferences. Whether you love books, animals or culture, you can find limitless activities to enjoy. The UAE has unique features that are not found anywhere else, making it a global tourist hub.

Top Attractions in the UAE

Beautiful landscapes, astounding architectural designs, affordable hotels, rich culture, and fun activities are among the many reasons that attract tourists to the UAE. These sites are distributed in various Emirates and each has its own unique features.

The following are among the most visited places in the UAE:

Architectural Sites

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  • Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai, is the tallest standing structure in the world and it houses corporations, residential house, restaurants, and even has a pool. Tourists can experience the elevators with the longest travel distance. The restaurants serve both modern and cultural dishes.
  • Burj Al-Arab, also in Dubai, is the most exquisite and the most decorated hotel in the world. The architectural design is a masterpiece in the shape of an Arabian Dhow. The customer service is excellent and the interior design is breathtaking.
  • The Atlantis Hotel is an interesting place to dine for both families and individuals. It is an underwater luxurious resort which provides a gorgeous view of the Arabian Sea. Marine animals present at the Lost Chambers Aquarium are thrilling entertainment to the guests.
  • The Dubai Miracle Garden is filled with different colored petals, sweet scents, and a magnificent landscape. There are various shows to entertain the guests, such as music and dance, also structures of Disney characters are constructed using plants.

Fun Activities to try in the UAE

  • The first Ferrari branded theme park in the world is in Abu Dhabi; the Ferrari World. There are 37 rides that provide a memorable experience for people of all ages. For example, Formula Rossa is the fastest rollercoaster ride in the world, however, it is not scary because there are no abrupt drops from towering heights. Gamers can play the Scuderia Challenge, which is a virtual game that creates an experience close to reality. Children have their own ride called the Bell’ Italia that takes them through miniature versions of famous landmarks.
  • The Wild Wadi Waterpark is great for a family day out and it is a great place to view Burj Al-Arab. For the thrill seekers, the Jumeirah Sceirah is a long and exciting ride; the slide is 120 meters downwards. The Dhow and Lagoon are specially made for kids where they can engage in fun games.
  • Among the amusement locations to visit is the Dubai Dolphinarium, which is fun for people of all ages. It does not only provide entertainment but is also used as a platform to enlighten people on the need for protection of dolphins and other exotic and endangered marine species.
  • Going on a cruise around Dubai Marina is a great way to explore this neighborhood. Throughout the journey, you are able to view the well-crafted buildings and landscape. This cruise takes you all the way to Jumeirah Island.
  • Hili Fun City in Al-Ain is awesome for the whole family since there are a number of activities to engage people of all ages. There are fun rides for children such as the clown-themed circus trains. There are also live shows and games to entertain the older audience.

Traditional Markets and Malls

The UAE has a variety of markets and stores that are attractive to avid shoppers. The traditional markets, known as souks, and the modern mall provide both exotic and elegant goods.

  • The Mega Mall in Sharjah is great for the family since it offers different activities such as an indoor theme park for the kids with a rollercoaster and other interesting rides. The Nova Cinema is a great place to spend time with your family as well. This mall houses more than 140 stores that specialize in fashion, electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, toys, cafes, food, and snack courts.
  • Dubai traditional souks provide antiques, woven mats, spices, gold, exotic fruits, and other treasures. The Gold Souk provides the best jewelry, precious stones, gold, and silver, while the Spice Souk provides traditional herbs and spices at reasonable prices. Also, the Textile Souk offers a variety of hand-woven mats, and carpets made from materials such as cotton, silk, and wool, in addition to machine made items.

No dull moment in the UAE!

When it comes to global tourist attractions, the UAE has many potential holiday destinations, attractive architecture, stylish and contemporary amusement parks, and shopping hotspots. The UAE attracts both local and international tourists due to the fact that all the Emirates have distinct attractions that are unique to them. Therefore, one can never really get bored of visiting the UAE.

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