Dubai Aims to Attract 25 Million Tourists by 2025; so Here’s What You Can do There!

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With nearly 16 million visitors in 2018, Dubai is the 6th most visited city in the world. The record-breaking number has encouraged the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing to aim for the sky, announcing that they will welcome 25 million visitors by 2025, rivaling cities like Hong Kong, Bangkok, and London.

The campaign is named “Only in Dubai”, and the goal is to increase the number of local experiences tourists encounter in the Jewel City of the Gulf, thus increasing the number of repeated visits.

Besides the cliché, yet must-visit, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, here are some other activities you could enjoy during your stay! We’re pretty sure the existence of these unique destinations will attract travelers from all around the world.

Palm Jumeirah

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A celebration of human ingenuity, Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree. It is home to a wide range of upscale hotels including the Fairmont, Waldorf Astoria, Atlantis, and the Palm. Tourists and locals alike stand in awe before the beautiful island.

Dubai’s Creek

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While, indeed, Dubai is renowned for its high-end lifestyle, cloud-touching skyscrapers, and an overall sense of glamour. Nevertheless, in order to appreciate the true soul of this city, one has to visit its roots, and to that, one has to visit the Creek. The saltwater estuary is where the Bani Yas tribe first settled. The area is home to the Dubai Museum, as well as a labyrinth of alleyways of gold, textile, and spices markets.

Al Fahidi

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One of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, Al Fahidi historical neighborhood is a hallmark of Dubai’s tradition and culture. There, visitors can witness the old alleyways and the traditional homes of the first Arab settlers. Also, there are many cultural centers there where tourists can partake in Arabic Language lessons and visit many of the old mosques.

Madinat Jumeirah

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Unlike many of Dubai’s main districts, where modern architecture has dominated, traditional Madinat Jumeirah, which translates to ‘The City of Jumeirah’, is designed to be the crossroads between the past and the present. All the luxury hotels there are designed to mimic the traditional style inspired by the ancient citadel that used to be there. In addition, the area is home to 40 restaurants and lounges offering the best experience you can have in Dubai.


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An old mountain village that has been revitalized to bring luxury to nature, Hatta is the home of adventure to all Dubai’s visitors. This is where you can try kayaking on the beautiful Hatta lake or go on a hike in the surrounding mountains. The village is also home to Asia’s first ever water jump park called Hatta Drop-In.

Saeed Al-Maktoum House

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Constructed in 1894, the residence of the former ruler of Dubai, Saeed Al-Maktoum, is one of the underrated destinations in the metropolitan Dubai. The house-turned-museum is home to some of the oldest pictures in the Emirates, as well as the possessions of the formal Emir.

Baskatia Quarter

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Perhaps, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dubai, the Baskita Quarter has been renovated to be one of the most beautiful attractions in the city. To really appreciate its culture-rich vibe, you have to visit it at night when all the buildings are lit up. You’ll get to see the old Arabian architecture that used to dominate the city.

Souq Naif

If you are looking for Arabian embroidered dresses, Persian carpets, or Indian trinkets, Souq Naif is definitely the place to go. Although this marketplace lives in the shadow of the more famous Gold and Spice Souq, it has more of an authentic vibe than the latter. If you want to experience the true local market life you will have to visit this place!

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