These Egyptian Tribute Bands Will Bring Your Favorite Artists Back to Life

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Have you ever listened to The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” and wished that you, somehow, could go back in time to the sixties and sing along with a crowd to Paul McCartney’s voice? It’s extremely frustrating to feel like you’ve been born in the wrong decade long past the Golden Age of Rock n’ Roll music. Not just that, many of the great bands of today’s times are based somewhere else other than Egypt, and it happens once-in-a-lifetime when one of these artists decides to come here and play.

Surprisingly, there are some unknown cover bands in Egypt that will send shivers down your spine with their cover music, giving you the same exact feeling of breathlessness that you would feel at one of your favorite musicians’ concert.

Here are five of the best cover bands in Egypt, a sample of their music, and where you can find them.


One of the oldest and most skillful bands in Egypt, Andromida, has been serenading Egyptians with Pink Floyd anthems since the eighties. Amr Hassan, the lead vocalist, and keyboardist of Andromida came up with the idea in his senior year in high school. He used to listen to bands like Deep Purple, Supertramp, but most of all he would listen to Pink Floyd. Hassan was very passionate about this type of music, and before he knew it, his friends started coming to his house and they would jam together going over each album from morning to evening.

The band was soon recognized as Pink Floyd’s main tribute band in Egypt and the Arab World, and they had a huge following both here and overseas. Their unique sound sets them apart from any other tribute project, and owing to their years of experience, they deliver the music flawlessly with a tint of their own creativity in between the notes.

Andromida still performs and they have regular concerts in El Sawy Culture Wheel, Cairo Opera House, the Tap West, and many other venues.

Glass Onion

Since their first performance in 2010, Glass Onion shattered expectations and became an instant crowd favorite. Once you groove to their flow your mind slips into a state of euphoria and it feels as if The Beatles have been reunited and are up there playing your favorite song; you won’t be able to tell the difference!

The band has played in a myriad of venues including the British Embassy, Cairo Opera House, Cairo Jazz Club, and more. Their lead vocalist Hany Mustafa has started making his own music and just last November, he released an acoustic single “Sun Kisses My Sky”, and it is one of the most beautiful things you will ever listen to.

Strawberry Swing

In 2016, Egypt and the Arab World were biting their nails because of a rumor that Coldplay was going to perform in Egypt. An official event was made and everything seemed dandy until it all fell apart. Everyone was so disappointed and frustrated that their favorite British rock band was not coming to the region.

However, hope was not lost, and Strawberry Swing was born and they were entrusted with the mantle of playing Coldplay music here. The band was even recognized by Coldplay themselves, who apologized for not being able to come to Egypt, and encouraged fans to go to Strawberry Swing’s concert on Twitter.

On their first performance, they managed to attract a huge crowd, and ever since, they have dominated the scene. The band’s name has become synonym with the light tone of Coldplay, but the best thing about their concert experience is the crowd. It’s difficult to describe how awe-inspiring the people attending are; you have to be there to understand. So, good news for all of you Strawberry Swing will be performing on the 25th of January in El-Sawy Culture Wheel, in case you wanted to live the Coldplay experience in Egypt. Here is the link to their event.


Named after Tom Waits’ classical song with the same name, Raindogs came together in 2011 to bring the Waits experience to Egypt. Every time the band comes to perform on stage, they leave with a piece of your heart. The band plays experimental rock, blues, and jazz, and they’ve performed more than ten times since their first appearance.

The lead vocalist, Ali Baghdady, is acclaimed for his mellifluous voice that takes control over the concert leaving the listeners in a state of blissfulness. After three years of experimenting, he has kicked off his solo career with the solo project “Jabal”, here is a taste of what’s come.

The Woodpecker Trio

A crowd favorite at Cairo Jazz Club, The Woodpecker Trio, have been jamming for many years now. If you are in the mood for listening to a wide range of classic rock music from the sixties and seventies, their concerts are the place to go. They cover a wide variety of bands that include Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Beatles, and so much more.

The lead vocalist George Aboutar is so talented that he has been asked to participate in many side projects. He is an integral part of many bands such as the Cadillacs and Bluenotes; he is also well-known for his solo nights at many venues covering Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison.

WE SAID THIS: Don’t forget that Strawberry Swing will be performing on the 25th!

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