Miss Algeria Bullied on Social Media For Her Dark Skin

There are no limits to the cruelty of social media. You write a comment, thinking the person you’re attacking will not read it, but the damage is done, leaving the person with harsh unwanted comments. The latest person to be attacked on the Internet, for none other than her skin color, is Miss Algeria 2019, Khadija Ben Hamou.

Ben Hamou is the first ever lady of color to be crowned as Miss Algeria. According to Internet trolls, her looks are not what they expected from a beauty pageant contestant. Ever since the beauty queen has been named, Ben Hamou has been blatantly under attack. The insults even came from women at a time where females are all about sisterly support and empowerment.


It was not just her looks under attack, many commentators tweeted racist remarks about her dark skin tone. During her first interview, the beauty queen was extremely gracious and sent her haters a message of forgiveness and love. “Those who criticize me, may God forgive them, while those who encourage me, I would like to forgive them,” she said.

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