Horreya Farghaly Gets Honest About Being Bullied During Interview

Imagine you are Miss or Mr. Egypt with a statuesque figure, you are a recognized actor, the whole Arab world loves you, and suddenly it is all replaced with body shaming and anger. This is Horreya Farghaly’s story.

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Our favorite Hekayat Banat and Tal2 Sena3y actress, and 2002 Miss Egypt, was on the rise to stardom with a huge fan base and incredible acting skills. Farghaly suddenly looked and sounded different and fans immediately assumed she had work done on her face for purely aesthetic reasons.

Suddenly, the woman turned from a goddess to a body shamed and bullied victim. The comments were ugly the actress clearly came across the social media hate.

On multiple occasions, Farghaly explained that her nose job came after a horrible accident and her surgeon, unfortunately, did a horrible job. However, during a candid interview with Samar Youssry, Farghaly explained the extent of bullying she was subjected to and how it hurt her. saad

The interview is just another wake-up call to remind us that actresses aren’t sheltered images; they have feelings and pride that gets shattered by small, ignorant and useless comments.

Watch the interview below:

انا وانا – حورية فرغلي تتحدث عن سبب اجراءها لعمليات التجميل

انا وانا – حورية فرغلي تتحدث عن سبب اجراءها لعمليات التجميل #ON_E | #أنا_و_أنا

Posted by ‎انا و انا‎ on Friday, March 30, 2018

WE SAID THIS: Be kind to one another. Bullying is not funny.