Cairo Runners and Mountain View Pull off Historic Marathon for Cairo

Via Mountain View

Turns out Egyptians love running and waking up early after all! Last Friday, March 15th, Cairo Runners and Mountain View invited everyone to bring their family and friends to join them in one of the biggest marathons in downtown. We have to say, what a great way to start the day with a morning run; perfect to get in shape and burn that Thursday evening heavy dinner, right?

Via Mountain View

As early as 6 AM, we put on our running shoes and headed to downtown, Qasr El-Nile Bridge to be more precise, to join runners from all age groups. All dressed in cool blue branded t-shirts, we were greeted with a line of drummers; that really took our breath away and hyped us up to take on the day.

We ran like the wind in the empty streets of Downtown Cairo, enjoying the undistorted view of the archaic architecture of the buildings and brisk morning atmosphere. The marathon included different types of runs; the 42km full marathon, a 21km half marathon, and a 10km run for the athletes who came to win! As for the families and those who came for a light exercise, there was a 3km family run. We enjoyed watching the 1km special run for those with special needs; those were the ones that inspired us into believing that anything is possible and nothing can stand in your way to victory.

Being the Platinum sponsor of the marathon, Mountain View was spreading happiness throughout the fun event that gave people a unique life experience, urging them to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle through exercising and watching their diet.

Via Mountain View

The runs came to an end and people cheered for those who reached the finish line at around 12 to 1 pm. However, that didn’t mean it was over, instead, it was officially PARTY TIME! We go to treat ourselves to some bumping DJ music. We danced and jumped to Disco Misr’s funky tunes after an exhausting, yet fun, run among an amazing crowd of energetic young ladies, gents, kids and even families who stayed for the after-party.

On another note, we were not only running to exercise and get in shape, but we were also running for a cause, as the proceeds went to 57357 hospital to help provide better treatment for kids suffering from cancer.

WE SAID THIS: Seeing how running a few miles could change the lives of many families of suffering children was a huge motivation for us to join Mountain View in this event.