Belgium Breaks Records With 2-Kilometer Joint Easter-Ramadan Dinner

We all know how Ramadan holds a very special place in Egypt, especially with the annual matariya mega Iftar, where 10,000 people come together to break their fast.

That communal feel exemplifies the very spirit of Ramadan. Bringing that same spirit was Belgium. A couple of days ago, a 2-kilometer long table brought together the residents of Antwerp in Belgium to eat together for a joint Easter-Ramadan dinner.

It was a special day, as beyond the delicious food and the interfaith event, the city of Antwerp broke the record for Belgium’s longest community dinner table. The District Mayor of Borgerhout, a district in Antwerp, shared a few words: “It’s very important to do an event like this in times of polarization and disenfranchisement.”

It was a beautiful event that showcased the power of inclusion and diversity by bringing people together to enjoy each other’s holidays.

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