After 36 Years: Egypt Is Officially Hosting African Games In 2027

In 2027, Egypt will be gearing up to elevate its sports world and international exposure by hosting the 14th edition of the prestigious African Games, also known as the Pan African Games. But why is this such a big deal?

What Are African Games?

The African Games, also known as the All-African Games, occur every four years, one year before the Olympic Games. The 2027 edition will serve as the African qualifying event for the LA 2028 Olympics.

It’s The Second Time After 36 Years

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Nearly four decades later, in 2027, Egypt will once again welcome athletes from various countries to compete on the land of the Pharaohs. Egypt previously hosted the 5th edition of the Pan African Games in 1991, which saw the participation of 43 countries across 18 sports categories.

Some of the games that are usually played in this tournament are badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, chess, cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, handball, hockey, judo, karate, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics, triathlon, squash, and more.

All Eyes on Egypt

With all eyes turning to Egypt, anticipation builds for what 2027 will uncover. Undoubtedly, Egypt will leave an indelible mark on the legacy of the African Games. This will complement Egypt’s renowned performance, having participated in all 13 previous editions and clinched over 1500 medals, making it one of the most successful countries in the tournament’s history.

The Current African Games

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The 13th edition of the African Games, which kicked off on March 8 and will continue until March 23, is currently underway in Ghana. Around 5,000 athletes from 52 countries are competing across 30 sports disciplines, with the event also serving as a qualifying event for the 2024 Paris Olympics. 

Interestingly, Egypt has already secured gold medals in both the men’s and women’s categories in Table Tennis alongside winning the Mixed Team Rapid Championship, a 6-round chess tournament.

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