Meet Sama 2.0: Qatar Airways’ Revolutionary AI Cabin Crew Takes Flight

Taking off to the skies is going to be a whole new experience, as for the first time, Qatar Airways has Sama 2.0, an artificial intelligence (AI)- powered digital human cabin crew.

Sama, meaning sky in Arabic, is a holographic AI that can answer any of your questions in real-time, including destination recommendations and support tips. She’s accessible through the airline’s app and the Qatar Airways digital platform known as QVerse.

Via Siasat

Sama 2.0 had her moment in the limelight when she was unveiled at the ITB Berlin travel and trade exhibition. Her arrival symbolizes a major leap in transforming travel and passenger experience through innovative technology.

Powered by UneeQ, an intelligent AI interface company based in New Zealand, its CEO Danny Tomsett said that Sama 2.0 is “a testament to the endless possibilities of AI, capable of delivering personalized and engaging interactions that mirror human conversation.”

Today, she’s fluent in English, but there are plans to expand her linguistic repertoire by including Arabic and other languages. We cannot wait to see how she’ll ease passenger experience in the long run.

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