TikToker Sarah Magdy Tries Lablabi : Is It Really ‘Tunisian Koshary’? 

Tunisia, home to thriving film festivals and UNESCO heritage sites, knows how to bring its A-game to the kitchen as well. From couscous-based dishes to shakshuka, Tunisians love their food.

To get a taste of the cuisine, Egyptian TikToker Sarah Magdy took her viewers on a trip to the country, and there, she introduced us to Lablabi. The question is, can we really say that it’s ‘Tunisian Koshary’?

When you really get to know the dish, you’ll notice that it’s more of a distant cousin of Koshary. It only has two similar ingredients: lemon juice and chickpeas. Other than that, the two dishes couldn’t be more different.

Its base will surprise you, as it comes from the shin of cow beef, which gets poured above slices of chopped bread. On top, you then add soup, chickpeas, spicy red sauce, a boiled egg, garlic, caraway, tuna, olive oil, and spices.

Magdy got to taste this unique concoction by mixing it together, and the moment she took a bite, she was left speechless.

All we can say is that she couldn’t finish the plate because it was so overwhelmingly spicy. However, the spicy kick from the red sauce kept her warm in the chilly Tunisian air.

Tell us, would you ever try Lablabi?

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