Tech Titans: UAE & Saudi Arabia Lead the Charge In The Region’s Robotic Takeover

Along with the razzle-dazzle that has been going on in Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia with its Riyadh Season that attracted 17 million visitors from across the globe, there’s also the major trend of how each of these countries has been showing off a dazzling display of technological prowess.

Gulf countries, especially Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are scripting a futuristic narrative where robots play starring roles in everyday life. We want to introduce you to these very robots who’ll be re-shaping many different aspects of our everyday lives:

ADNOC’s Petrol Station Robot

Imagine you head to the petrol station for your usual car refuel, and instead of finding a gas station attendant, you’re met with a massive robotic arm buzzing and wheezing in anticipation of filling up your car with petrol.

That’s exactly what many people experience on a daily basis at Abu Dhabi’s ADNOC Oasis in Al Reem. Abu Dhabi’s ADNOC Distribution is behind the innovative robotic fueling arm.

The entire process is automated wherein the robotic arm has an opening from which it dispenses the petrol and that gets attached to the car’s fuel tank lid.

From there, you just wait for your tank to get filled, and that’s basically it. We wonder if UAE residents will stumble upon other robots, maybe in their next supermarket visit or even during a quick dash to the pharmacy.

Talabots: Food Delivery Robots

One year ago today, hitting up the streets of Dubai, Silicon Oasis was UAE’s first food delivery robot. Called the Talabots, after a successful trial in Expo 2020, 7 of these robots made their first deliveries, serving 300 homes across Dubai Silicon Oasis.

They collected orders from dining spots like Oregano and On the Wood at Cedre Villas community center and delivered them to their destination.

The best thing about these robots is that they’re pretty fast and deliver orders in about 15 minutes. Knowing all this, we’ll hyped about these robots and cannot wait to see them hitting up other countries across the region.

Ameca: Humanoid Robot At Dubai’s Museum of the Future

If you thought that Dubai’s Museum of the Future, home to a genetically modified virtual reality Amazon Forest and a massive space shuttle simulator couldn’t be more impressive, think again!

Within the 7-floor complex is a special robot by the name of Ameca. She’s known as the most advanced humanoid robot in the world.

Equipped with human-like features, facial recognition tech, and an AI interface, Ameca is a special robot that greets visitors on a daily basis, naturally engages in conversations, and answers any questions guests may have at the museum.

Sara: Saudi Arabia’s First Interactive Robot

Standing tall at the Kingdom’s digital pavilion is Sara, Saudi Arabia’s first robot that can communicate in the local dialect, perform popular dances, and answer any questions visitors may have. When any visitor approaches her and says, “Hello, Sara,” she begins to converse with them.

She’s pretty cool, as she’s able to pick up on different dialects from within the kingdom and is able to respond back to anyone directing a question or merely conversing with her.

Wabel: The Region’s First-Ever Robot Firefighter

Firefighters are already cool as they risk their lives on a daily to save others from the dangers of a ravaging fire.

Tha’s why it’s great to see the UAE creating a robot that not only contributes to that noble act but also is there to protect firefighters themselves. Meet Wabel, meaning ‘rain’ in Arabic, the region’s first-ever firefighting robot.

Created by UAE-based company FFBOTS, this super cool robot offers support during firefighting operations, especially in dangerous and hard-to-reach areas.

This can include fires near oil and gas reservoirs, as well as fires that include highly flammable materials that cannot be approached. It has six smart cameras and can be controlled remotely, meaning that firefighters can tame fires from a far distance and be able to save lives.

All these robots barely scratch the surface of the future possibilities of a world assisted and made easier with the help of these technological inventions. We cannot wait to see what else the region has in store.

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