Dubai’s Micropolis To Produce 350+ AI Robots Per Year

The Dubai-based company ‘Micropolis Robotics’ is seeking a $37 million fund from the New York Stock to achieve its goal of tripling its workforce and producing more than 350 robots a year, with a production rate of one robot per day. This expansion is in response to the huge demand from corporations and governments.

Currently, Micropolis produces two autonomous robots, a golf-car-sized M1 and an M2, that make use of advanced AI models. The two robots were adopted by Dubai police a few years ago to assist in surveying areas, functioning similarly to a standard police car.

Additionally, the two robots, in general, have the ability to help in pipe surveillance and collect or sort garbage. A security method akin to the one adopted by the Dubai police is also expected to be developed for Saudi Arabia’s futuristic city, NEOM.

Via The National

Next April will see the launch of a small version of the Micropolis robot that shall be trained for six months until it comes officially in use. The current $37 million from the New York Stock listing won’t be the first cash Micropolis gets. Since 2018, the company has raised over $8 million from different investors.

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