Regional Skincare Brands From The Lands Of Musk & Oud

Local alternatives are now in demand; there’s a growing need by Arab shoppers to embrace products that are made by Arabs for Arabs, searching for them on every counter among other Western ones.

There are tons of reasons for that. It could be the need to purchase products that use the language of Oud, Musk, and Arabian essential oils; it could be for purely economic reasons; whatever the reason is, we’ve curated skincare brands from the region that customers highly recommend.

Moj Soap

Moj is a skincare brand based in Egypt. Unlike many others on the list, it provides a healthy alternative to the usual facial gel wash. It has a diverse collection of soap bars that are made suitable for all skin types and conditions, making it the first soap of its kind in Egypt to combine glycerin, essential oils, milk, and superfast oils together.


This based-in-Lebanon brand, founded by Dr. Josaine Riachi, is providing high-performing skin care products created from regionally sourced ingredients. Helwe, an Arabic word for beauty, offers healthy alternatives for all skin types, focusing on the concept of skin layering. Its products range from skin cleaners, creams, facial serums, body care, face masks, and more.

Via Helwe

MZN Bodycare

Launched in 2015 by Saudi designer Muzon Ashgar, MZN is achieving luxury while sticking to vegan options. For example, it uses special kinds of essential oils like date seed, prickly pear oil, and pomegranate extracts, all of which are free of dyes, fragrances, and parabens.

It’s also one of the few brands that cater products for men; it’s a brand made by women but provides for men and women alike.


Based in the UAE, Peacefull is an award-winning luxury skincare brand founded by entrepreneur and beacon of inspiration Salama Mohamed, who spent years learning the healing powers of active ingredients and experimenting with various formulations; the product is second to none!

Peacefull line of skin products makes use of Korean technology, which makes Arab women comfortable in their own skin.


Established in 1998 by Dr. Mona Erian in Egypt, Nefertari is the oldest brand on the list. It relies on natural materials both in product and packaging.

In addition to that, its mission stretches to improving the conditions of marginalized Egyptian communities by enhancing their level of living and offering them jobs and sustainable incomes.

Les Sens de Marrakech

A list about skincare and beauty products has to visit Morocco for a final scent of fresh Argan oil. Les Sens de Marrakech, just as the name suggests, makes use of flagship elements of Morocco. Its best-selling product is “Ages et Merveilles,” an anti-aging treatment that customers swear by.

Via Riad Monceau

The list of skincare brands of Arab origin is endless. From an early age, Arab societies have mastered the craft of scent and glow. Bodily and facial care has long been associated with men and women alike in early Arab societies, with a focus on Oud-like scents, moisturizers, and olive oil soaps, even before the skincare industry became a thing. 

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