Bazaar In Iraq Aims To Rebuild War-Stricken Mosul

Mosul, being the second largest city of Iraq after the country’s capital, has had its fair share of damage. 

The city is rebuilding from the aftermath of war, a bazaar named Barkah Bazaar aims to revitalize the city. Barkah Bazaar, is a not-for-profit initiative that allows local artists to sell their handmade creations at the Bazaar every Friday. 

Ahmed Al Habeeb, the founder of the Bazaar was born in a family with a great love for arts and creativity. His surroundings in turn inspired him to create the initiative to inspire others and support them in achieving their creative dreams.

Although the old city has a rich historical past and was once home to the renowned Medical College, one of the Middle East’s largest educational and research centers. The city hopes to turn the destruction caused by war into a history as they give hope to local art creators.

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