8 Photographers Putting Themselves on the Line in Gaza

Since the attack of Hamas on Israel last Saturday, and amidst the escalation of the now-declared- war conflict, keeping a close eye on the news and gathering the right information about this sensitive subject can be tricky. Thus the pivotal role of the photographers, who risk their lives, and gets exposed to trauma triggering encounters on the ground to capture the situation for the world to see.

Gathered for you below a list of Palestinian photographers and photojournalists for an honest representation of what’s happening in Palestine.

Motaz Azaiza

A Photographer and producer from occupied Palestine. He depicts Palestinian civilians carrying out their daily lives amidst the rubble and damage done to their homeland. Motaz also has a big photography project in Egypt that lively transmit its culture and heritage

Mariam Riyad Abu Dagga

Mariam is a Press photographer, and a field correspondent. She also works as a photographer for The Independent in Gaza.

Wahaj Bani Moufleh

Freelance Palestinian photojournalist for newspapers like The New York Time, The Independent, and Reuters. His photography often express a distinct point of view that speaks louder than words. Wahaj is also an avid mountain sniper.

Ali Jadallah

Ali is an award and contest winning photographer. He won the Sharja photo contest Award two times in a row in 2013, and 2014, and Arabs Photographer Award in 2013.

Mohamed Al Masri

A Palestinian photojournalist. His portfolio shows how devoted he is to depict the sorrows and melancholies of war and aftermath of displacement.

Atia Darwish

Award winning photojournalist working, participated in regional and international exhibitions. He is in the middle of the political scene, and his lens do not forget to capture the essence of Palestinian culture and its beautiful traditions. Along with photos of war stricken Palestinians crying, there is also coverage of all Palestinian food, local markets, and neighborhoods.

Mostafa Alkharouf

Along with his extensive coverage of the Palestinian situation, Mostafa goes the extra mile in depicting protests carried on by Israelis regarding controversial social issues that cause a split among the population, requiring demands from the government, like protests carried on by Jewish people against the occupation of Palestine.

Majdi Fathi

A freelance photographer from Gaza, Palestine, and winner of many international awards. His projects involve countries like Egypt and UAE.

In times of political unrest and war misinformation is deadly. Those who put themselves on the line to give audience a true depiction of the truth are examples of the ethics of journalism.