How to Avoid and Relieve Lower Back Pain

young male holding his back in pain

Who hasn’t had at least one episode of lower back pain in the course of their lives? But why does it occur and recur, how to treat it, when to see a doctor and most importantly how to avoid it?

The back is made of the spine, which is the bony part consisting of little irregular bones called vertebrae stacked on top of each other, forming the vertebral column. Inside it is a canal hosting the spinal cord – the electric cable relaying brain impulses to the organs and extremities, sending orders and receiving information. Finally, there are the core muscles that cover all of that.

Pain in general is either due to injury, spasm or inflammation. Most common lower back injuries occur when there is overload on the muscles, which could be inflicted over a long period of repeated minimal overload or a sudden overload. The most common injury is back muscle spasm due to overworked muscles, which can be caused by a lack of ergonomics and proper back conditioning.

Most cases of lower back pain due to muscle spasm can be resolved with simple home remedies within three to seven days. If not, consult a specialist immediately. The only way to resolve a muscle spasm is to stay active while avoiding painful positions. As other options include Holistic Treatments for Physical Injury and Disease, if you are someone who suffers with lower back pain, it is important for you to remember that when it comes to your health, most of the times there is a solution. Additionally, take longer warm showers and apply local pain killer gels or creams. An oral pain killer or even an oral muscle relaxant could be used as needed. If your pain worsens, extending to either or both of your legs or not relieving after a few days, stop whatever you’re doing and consult a doctor.


Having a healthy back is a crucial part of being healthy and strong. Work out your core muscles, which include the back and ab muscles, regardless of your level of activity – especially if you work in an office or are seated most of the day. You might find it helpful to use something like Kratom for a natural way to relieve stress. If this is something that interests you, YOU can view a list of kratom sellers here. However, here’s how to avoid lower back muscle spasms and pain:

It all starts with the ergonomics of your home, car and work space. At home, don’t spend long continuous hours in a seated position in front of a screen. And your mattress should be firm enough to support your weight without reshaping. Nowadays there are a variety of mattress materials and thicknesses that I recommend you try before you buy.

With the long traffic hours in the city, some of us spend almost two hours trapped in the car. To ensure your back safety, adjust your seat position and height so that you sit with the base of your spine in contact with the back of the seat, your knees slightly bent when you press the pedals and your elbows slightly bent when your hands rest on the steering wheel. Most of the new car models have a lumbar support part in the back of the seat. If not, use a back pillow to straighten your back to a comfortable position.

ergo_picIn the office, the same goes for your office chair as the car seat, and the rules of continuous long seated hours apply here. It is recommended that you straighten your back every hour and readjust your posture. Set reminders on your phone – there are apps for that to help you remember and not get consumed by the long work hours.

Finally and most importantly is staying active. Join a weekly yoga class for proper stretching, balance and posture. Warm up properly before any activity to avoid injury and do stretches every day even between working hours. Check out this slideshow from The Mayo Clinic, which shows you how to stretch for a pain-free lower back in 15 minutes.

Stay active and pain free!

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