6 Tips to Cheat Your Way Out of The Gym

So it’s that time of year where it’s getting cold, its harder to get out of bed and all you want to do is sit on your couch, wrap a blanket around you and watch movies sipping hot chocolate all day.

And once the idea of going to the gym pops in your head, you just start laughing you’re a** off coz you know that’s not gonna happen!

So here are a few ideas that can help you work out without actually working out!  Also great ideas to add to your day if you already work out – it never hurts to tone!


Take the stairs

Say goodbye to elevators unless you need to go up 10 floors or more. And even then, go up half the floors on the stairs and use the elevator for the rest.

Taking the stairs will give you a quick cardio work out, give you a butt lift and tone your legs. It’s just like doing lunges, squats and butt workouts!

Taking the steps quickly will give you a cardio workout and help raise your heart rate.

Wanna tone?  Take two steps at a time for a quick leg/butt workout.



If you don’t work out and barely get any walking done in your day, there’s no harm in parking a few meters away from your destination to get a little stroll in back and forth.


Do it yourself!
Young woman cleaning kitchen

Egyptians, or Arabs, have a habit of bringing help to the house to do stuff for them. Whether it’s your younger sibling or the help, you ask them to clean your room, get you water, get your phone from the room, organize your closet and other silly stuff you can easily do yourself!

So do it yourself, you’ll burn calories, move more and get things efficiently done your way!


 Out in da club?!

So you’re out for the night, ladies are rocking them heels, boys are strutting that swag and you’re ready to have fun.

Dance! Dance the night away. Don’t want to dance? No problem, keep standing, walk around, do anything just don’t, DO NOT, sit down!

You get a great work out while you’re out bar hopping or dancing, and if the place is packed, then you’ll break a sweat, just like at the gym! You’ll be with your friends and great company so you won’t even feel like you are exercising so, hurray for you!


Game night

It seems as though the concept of game night has disappeared between friends. No longer do we host game nights, but that should change!

Video games like Wii and Xbox have created dance games that are extremely fun to play with your friends or even alone. Dance Central, Just Dance and all these dance games are all ideas to have fun and work out!  When you dance you get a full body work out: your core, arms, legs and back!

Not to mention these video games also offer yoga, zumba and pilates that are also a fun, convenient way to get a workout done during the day.

Not into video games? That’s ok! Playing a game like Twister will give you a good stretch, activate your stability muscles and stimulate your core.


Done with delivery

Instead of ordering everything you need over the phone, start doing your own grocery shopping and pharmacy stops.  That way, you start moving around more, become more active and you’ll probably make better health choices if you go shopping yourself.

Have Fun!


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