Safety Tips for Your Workout


This week, the world is celebrating bone and joint week. And with the rise of all the sports enthusiasts out there, there is also a rise in sports injuries.

We at Scoop Empire encourage everyone to lead a healthy, active, injury-free lifestyle. So, here are some quick tips to avoid injuries to your joints during your workout routine.

Warming up and Stretching

Warming up and dynamic stretching before doing any kind of physical activity is crucial for the health of your joints. Dynamic stretching – doing the intended exercise without weights in a regular steady pace – lubricates the joints and increases the blood flow, giving you better performance and form, which is the second tip.

Proper Form

You see this with beginners everywhere who still have not mastered the proper form techniques, which makes them more prone to injury. Even the advanced gurus who aim for higher weights are also prone to poor form and injury if they go too much higher than their rep max. so graduate yourself into weights, whether beginner or advanced. Proper form is key to proper exercise. You should also take extra care to look after your hands. If possible, wear gym gloves, moisturize your hands, and keep any cuts or grazes clean and covered. If you ever do sustain a hand injury, you might also want to seek out a hand surgeon such as Dr. Pruzansky for some expert care and advice.

Understand Your Environment

If you’re working out outside, beware of motor vehicles on the street, wear protective gear and choose a comfortable terrain: tracks or parks rather than asphalt roads. In gyms, if you’re a free weights guy, return the weights between sets to the rack in their proper position. Don’t leave them for you or anyone else to trample on them, I have seen this before. If you use weight machines, know how they work and their safety measures. Same goes for treadmills and stationary bicycles.

The Spotter

Working out in pairs or groups is always recommended. Having a personal trainer, a gym buddy or a spotter is important to keep an eye on your form, breathing and performance during the workout and aid in case of mishaps.


Proper breathing during the workout is important to deliver oxygen to all your body cells and muscles and start burning the fat.

Proper gear

Your workout clothes should follow your workout environment: comfortable, proper-sized clothes with proper-fitting and tight undergarments whether working out inside or outside. If you’re recovering from a previous injury, wear the recommended brace or joint support by your doctor. Wear a weights belt to avoid hernias. Shoes shoes shoes! They protect your ankles from twisting and your knees and hips, adding a cushioning effect if they are well padded.

Cool down

Cooling down is very under rated in spite of being the most important tip of all. It not only readjusts your joints and muscles after the exercise, it also aids in preventing muscle soreness, which would allow you to go on with your workout routine and daily activities pain and injury free.

Happy workout, and stay safe!


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